Undertakings :- Admission is allowed on the ground of merit and conduct of a student. Admission to the college can not be claimed as a matter of right.Before a student is admitted into the college his/her guardian shall have to sign an undertaking in the proper form to the effect that he/she shall abide by the rules of the college.

Address :- Each student must register in the college office the which he lives. He must also inform the office in writing about any subsequent change of address.

Application:- All written applications shall be handed over to the Head Clerk who will place them before the principal. The principal does not receive applications from students directly.

Students of the college are forbidden (i) to belong to any outside Athletic club or any other type of club or society or (ii) to play for any team other than college teams without previously taking the permission of the principal in writting.

When a team of students is deputed to go by the college members of the team and students accompanying the team must obtain leave from the Principal before their departure from Cuttack.

Dress code:- Every students should strictly adhered to the college dress They should enter the college campus only in collegeuniform.

Student should always keep their identity cards with them which will enable them to all privileges of the college.
Identity card must be produced as and when asked for.
Anyone who fails to produced the identity card on demand will be treated as a trespasser.Duplicate identity cards will be supplied to those who lose the original identity cards on payment of a fee of Rs. 15/-.

Fees are received in the college office on the dates and times fixed for collection.

Students should stand in a queue at the library and office counter at the time of their work in that counter.

Soclety should be started or maintained in the college without the approval of the Principal.